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Camp Details

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Beaver Baseball Camp Details



Oregon State Beaver Baseball Camp is designed to provide the best possible baseball instruction for players from grades 2-12 of all abilities. Emphasis at the camps  is placed upon improving each individual’s skills and knowledge of baseball.Each camper will receive specific instruction on how to play the game and how to improve himself both on and off the field.  Skills and techniques will be improved through individual and small group instruction, drills, and game experience.  Instruction will cover all aspects of baseball.

INSTRUCTORS: Include OSU head coach Mitch Canham and assistant coaches Rich Dorman & Ryan Gipson. The staff also includes outstanding coaches from the junior college and high school ranks.


Braden Wells braden.wells@oregonstate.edu

 Ryan Gorton ryan.gorton@oregonstate.edu 


15.BSB.MooreAndrew3.ScobelWigginsINSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM: We are a teaching program. Your son will learn the proper techniques of hitting, pitching, catching, infield, outfield, base running, and team defense. Players will be taught the latest information on how to properly perform a baseball technique. We will make every effort to have a 10:1 minimum player-coach ratio in all camps so that players get individual attention.

WHAT TO BRING:  Depending on the camp, campers should bring their own equipment such as glove, cap, batting gloves, baseball shoes, helmet, catching gear, and sneakers. For the overnight camp, blanket/sheets for twin bed (or sleeping bag), pillow, five T-shirts, five pairs of socks, alarm clock, toiletries, and towels should be brought by each player.  All campers must have a pair of rubber soled shoes or sandals to wear in the dining hall for meals.

SUPERVISION:  Participants in the Oregon State Beaver Baseball Camps will be supervised at all times.  For the overnight camp, coaches will stay in the dormitories with the players.

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